Our Devina specialises in user centric industrial design innovations, that not only improves functionlaity but also enhances the user experience. Having worked across various verticals, she has developed a unique skill of amalgamating functionalities and details of these various verticals, to optimise the design solutions and help generate faster return on investment along with a long lasting impact on the user. Her core strength lies in her design methodology and in-house model making and prototyping facilities. She strongly follows:
Look - Learn - Ask - Try

Product Design

'Design to manufacture' approach.

Packaging Design

that aids Branding and Marketing.

Furniture design

Simple, Ergonomic, Classy and Functional.

User Interaction Design

Responsive Intelligent experiences.

Graphic User Interface

Simple communicative icons replacing text.

Visual Communication

Communicative Graphic Design.

Need design expertise ?

Even the most minute design intervention can change the face of your business unit.
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We offer

One point contact for clients. From research to design to manufacture to packaging and export/ship is managed by one agency. This not only reduces the time taken to deliver the product to the target consumer from the day of its inception but also makes the products not just mere objects, but
uniquely designed and crafted experiences!

Research, Conceptualise and Design products and experiences along with branding.

-Design / Methodology

Design Drawings, Optimise for Manufacturing and Packaging, Visual Communication.


Delivery of manufactured and packaged products, Export, Shipment and Transport.

-Delivery / Timely